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Welcome The Former Deputy Minister Of The Ministry Of Housing And Urban Development Yao Bing And His Entourage To Visit Suzhou Star
- Jan 08, 2019 -

Welcome the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Yao Bing and his entourage to visit Suzhou Star

Time flies, the busy 2018 has passed, and the 2019 year is full of expectations, coming to us. In the new year,  we have new expectations. Adhering to the 20-year history of entrepreneurial culture, we are constantly pioneering and enterprising, and we are determined to innovate and create. On January 7, 2019, Star Group officially held a new product-PP honeycomb panel seminar at the Star Group headquarters in Suzhou.

PP honeycomb panels will be mainly used in building insulation, decoration and automotive light body. Therefore, we invite experts from relevant fields to attend the seminar. The main personnel are Yao Bing, former deputy director of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction, and the track of Suzhou University. Shi Peixin, Dean of the School of Transportation, Distinguished Associate Professor of the School of Rail Transit, Soochow University, Tang Qiang, Ph.D., Kyoto University, Japan, Le Jiewang, Vice President of Suzhou Branch, Wang Hongwei, Secretary General of Suzhou Building Energy Conservation Association, Gong Qingzhou, Editor of China People's Literature Publishing House, and Suzhou Residence Relevant leaders of the Ministry of Construction.